How VR tours work
Visual Impressions uses the latest Matterport Pro2 3D VR camera to produce the highest quality virtual tours
With the property staged we first walk the rooms to ensure that everything is ready.
We then scan each room progressively. The camera software connects each scan with the previous one.
A scan takes around 1-5 hours depending on the property size.
On return to our office we then process the scan and have it ready to embed into any website within 24 hours.
Our camera scans in 3D allowing the production of accurate floor plans for a small additional fee.

Still Photos
Using blended of flash and ambient light photos we create bright natural looking images to enhance any marketing processed within 24Hrs.
We have 3 options for marketing video.
1/ We can extract a video form the VR tour.
2/ We can create a slideshow form the still images.
3/ We can cature a cinematic video including drone footage